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AbD Serotec


AbD Serotec


For 30 years, AbD Serotec has been one of the world leaders in antibody production, supplying thousands of catalog antibodies, kits and accessories to scientific researchers requiring products from dendritic cell antibodies through to antibodies for microbiology. 

Products and Services

·         Primary Antibodies and Reagents

·         Antibodies By Target Species

·         Epitope Tag and Reporter Protein Antibodies

·         PrecisionAb Antibodies

·         Secondary Antibodies

·         Negative/Isotype Controls

·         Cell Proliferation and Viability

·         Conjugation Kits

·         Kits, Antibody Kits

·         Matched Antibody Pairs for Bovine Cytokine ELISA

·         Proteins and Peptides

·         Buffers, Reagents, and Sera

·         Antibody Manufacturing Tools

·         Monoclonal Antibody Generation

·         Bioanalytical Antibodies

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