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PHCbi | MDF-DU502VX TwinGuard ULT Freezer

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The TwinGuard MDF-DU502VX -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Freezer satisfies an industry demand for safe, long-term storage for the most high-valued materials. Two, independent refrigeration systems, combined with optional liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 back-up systems, offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace.

With two independent refrigeration systems TwinGuard freezers maintain a reliable and uniform -86ºC ultra low temperature environment. Should one cooling system suffer an unexpected failure, the other circuit will keep irreplaceable samples safely around -70ºC until service can be arranged.

Effective Capacity  528L
Temperature Control Range  -50°C to -86°C

Exterior Dimensions
W x D x H mm (inch)

 790 x 882 x 1993
 (31.1 x 34.7 x 78.5)

Net Weight  285 kg (628 lbs)
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