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STERIS | Dart Air Removal Test

Preassembled tests designed to evaluate the performance of pre-vacuum sterilizers.


STERIS Dart® Daily Air Removal Test is an easy and accurate way to test air removal and steam penetration in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers operating at 132 to 134 ºC (270 to 273 ºF). It is a lightweight, compact, one piece system that is pre-assembled and ready for use. The Dart Daily Air Removal Test eliminates the need to spend time folding towels and preparing packs necessary for traditional Bowie Dick Test Packs. They conform to the ISO 11140 Type 2 standards.

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  • Features

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  • Ease of Use - Preassembled test for monitoring the effectiveness of pre-vacuum sterilization cycle.
  • Productivity - Results are immediately visible and easy to read through the clear vial.
  • Easy to Validate - The indicator can be removed and stored for a permanent record.
  • Reliability - Preassembled test offers a consistent daily challenge for your sterilizer.
  • Efficacy - Conforms to ISO 11140 standards.