Sponsorship for Rotary Club of Marina City

16 Aug 2018

SciMed is proud to be a sponsor of the installation dinner for the Rotary Club of Marina City. One of the focus of RC Marina City is the Swim Doctor project in Myanmar.  This project sited in the Irrawaddy Delta of Myanmar where many rural poor has no convenient or ready access to medical & healthcare. SciMed’s sponsorship of the Second Prize for the installation dinner fits nicely with the medical aid/health assistance project run by the German Foundation Stiftung Life. 

Sponsorship for Swim Doctor















Photo: Dr Christoph Hein giving the status briefing on Swim Doctor's Project at the Installation Night

Below is an extract from Dr Christoph Hein article on the Swim Doctor’s Project:

“The project is run by the German foundation Stiftung Life that is led by Jürgen Gessner. Currentl,y Stiftung Life runs three vessels in the delta of the Irrawaddy River equipped with Doctors, Dentists, local nurses, and local crew and operation theatres. They follow for three weeks a month a fixed schedule to visit the most remote villages, where the population has no access to hospitals or doctors and most of the people live under the poverty line. Last year the newest ship Futura managed to take care of 13.300 patients on board, two third of patients had medical issues, one third with dental issues. 80 percent of the patients were female, 20 percent male. For treatment, each patient has to pay a small fee just to make sure, that the patients do have medical issues and not simply want to go on board to tour the ship.

The program is run by the German initiative called “Swimming Doctors” which is the springboard for German medical staff to travel to Myanmar during their leave from work and serve without salary for three weeks on the ships to help the Burmese rural people and educate the local doctors and nurses. In addition, Stiftung Life carries onboard solar lamps to distribute to villagers.  Solar lamps enhance and promote reading for children at night as the villagers have no access to electricity.  Stiftung Life has also embarked with the building of schools in the villages that the ship visits.

Each ship costs about 10.000 Euro (currently 15.704 S$) monthly to operate. The movement of Rotary assists financially, Up to October this year the Rotary Club of München Innenstadt (Munich) covered the expense. On our part, RC Marina City will pay one month’s expense.  RC Marina City has targeted and received approval to cover the expense for January 2019.  There is also a discussion with the Rotary Club in Yangon to request for a global grant from Rotary International, but the initiative is in a preliminary stage. For RC Marina City ’s financial support we will receive the opportunity to hand out the cheque in Yangon, to go on the ship with Doctors of our Club who should then assist during the trip or part of it. We will receive a daily status report and a weekly financial report. Stiftung Life may be able to create an opportunity for interested members to help in the School or the solar lamp project on board and in the villages.

Recently, we got very good news: Emirates Airlines has checked the project thoroughly and now given green light to support it. That means that all German doctors and nurses who fly to Yangon to spend their leave working for the rural poor Burmese can fly economy for free. For us, this is further proof that the project is serious and achieves international recognition.  

As RC Marina City’s board has committed to the Swim Doctor’s Project, we are now in the phase to raise the full amount of the funding which is USD10,000.”

For more information about the Swim Doctor's Project, please check out the video below.