About PHC Group

The PHC Group is a leading diversified diagnostics, life sciences and medical device company serving global markets through Japanese excellence and precision. We have a platform of established brands, underpinned by our business system that enables us to achieve operational excellence and efficiency through continuous improvement.

Since it was founded as Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics in 1969, the PHC Group has a long history of innovation and precision. Today, our businesses share a common commitment to building a future of better healthcare for people across the world. In each one we aim to provide best-in-class devices and services for advancing basic research, diagnosis and medical treatment.

¥356.4B Consolidated Revenue
9,403 Employees in Japan
3,554 Employees Based Outside of Japan
94 Companies Around the World
125 Markets worldwide
*1: FY2022, FX rate: 1US$=135JPY, 1euro€=141円
*2: As of March 2023
*3: PHC Holdings Corporation is not included (as of March 2023)

Corporate Overview

PHC Group Operating Companies

PHC Group is comprised of a network of established companies that are leaders in their respective fields.
Our solutions are used by patients, healthcare professionals and researchers in over 125 countries.
Together, we take on healthcare challenges with significant unmet need and the opportunity to improve care for people around the world.

Every day our businesses are:

  • Enhancing precision diagnostics to enable doctors to make better treatment decisions.
  • Providing cutting-edge glucose monitoring products to simplify the way people with diabetes manage their health.
  • Integrating healthcare IT systems to enable efficient and effective delivery of care.
  • Offering products that drive scientific research to develop the next generation of treatments.

The PHC Group leads the healthcare industry with innovative products and services, created with our foundation in manufacturing and precision technology that has been accumulated for over 50 years. Our state-of-the-art solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of patients, medical professionals and researchers and along the way we have introduced many industry firsts.


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PHCbi Laboratory and Medical equipment is designed to meet the demands of the life science industries providing reliability, accuracy and usability of preservation, incubation and sterilization to facilitate cutting-edge research.