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Brady | Cryogenic Labels

FreezerBondz™ labels can be applied to room temperature or to already
frozen samples, with a small overlap. The label remains legible and will stick
to the tube during processing, even when immersed in liquid or vapor phase
nitrogen and ultra low temperature freezer storage.
  • B-461 – Ultra-thin polyester label with clear overlaminate tail that protects print and allows liquid levels to be visible.
  • B-490 – White FreezerBondz™ label ideal for flat frozen surfaces. Adheres to frozen tube and vials when wrapped around itself by at least 1/8 inch.
  • B-492 – FreezerBondz™ ultra-thin white polyester label for labeling of frosted/frozen or room temperature vials, tubes and canes. Superior chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • B-499 – Permanent Adhesive - Thick white nylon cloth for easy handling and conformability.
  • B-7425 – Economic white polypropylene label with moderate chemical resistance, ideal for labeling dry, room temperature specimen containers. (Must be applied to containers prior to being frozen.)
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