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Eurofins Discovery | BioMAP® Combo ELECT Combination Study Service

Finding the best drug partners and setting the stage for success in vivo

With potential combination partners to choose from growing exponentially, there is a major need for guidance in designing rational combinations including which agents and what concentrations to use for appropriate in vivo exposures. Target-agnostic based approaches such as in vitrophenotypic assays provide a compelling strategy to compare combinations with the corresponding individual agents in a head-to-head screening format. Testing the efficacy and safety of drugs versus combinations prior to clinical administration can improve the availability and feasibility of such a therapeutic approach.

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A 4x4 combination array is created to test all mixtures of two serially diluted single test agents/drugs. Test agents/drugs are screened at 4 concentrations each (3-fold dilutions), in triplicate, in selected BioMAP Systems (50+ human biology and disease model systems available through BioMAP Combo ELECT).


Combo ELECT Combination Study Service



    • Compound profiling of two agents in a combination array against selected BioMAP Systems
    • 4 concentrations (3-fold dilutions) in triplicate


    • Annotation Activity annotation and biological relevance of BioMAP activities


    • Study Report BioMAP profile plots, annotation of activities with respect to biological significance, expert data interpretation, graphical overlays of combinations showing significant differential effects
    • Data Report Log ratio data tables, table of cytotoxicities, table of active readouts, table of significant differential activities

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Applications for Drug Discovery with Combo ELECT

  • Find drug combinations with novel, additive or antagonistic effects
  • Rescue ‘at risk’ compounds due to lack of efficacy or negative early clinical trial results
  • Expand the therapeutic utility of existing clinical drugs and drugs in development
  • Anticipate potential adverse events due to drug combinations for smarter clinical trial design