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Eurofins Discovery | iONCscanĀ Services for Co-Stimulatory and Inhibitory Checkpoint Receptors

Accelerate Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Development by Outsourcing Your Screening and Potency Needs

Regulation of immune responses is tightly controlled through a balance of co-stimulatory and inhibitory checkpoint receptors, often exploited by many cancers. Therefore, therapeutics that block inhibitory receptors or activate immune-stimulatory checkpoint receptors are powerful agents to restore anti-tumor immune responses, such as anti-PD-1 therapy.  However, developing drugs targeting these checkpoint proteins is quite challenging as cell-based assays used to screen for functional drugs are often difficult to create, involve the use of primary cells, and have long, complicated protocols.  To solve this bottleneck, Eurofins DiscoverX’s iONCscan Services offer an expanding menu of cell-based assays that can enable screening & potency determination for immunotherapy drugs.

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Advantages of iONCscan Services for Checkpoint Receptors

  • Potency determination – Rank order potency of your molecules
  • Fast turnaround time – Obtain results in 30 days without the need to develop and validate assays in-house
  • Multiple applications – Can be used for biologic and small molecule drug development



  • Measure potency of your molecules against custom-selected checkpoint family targets or every available checkpoint assay target


  • Screen collections or a small number of molecules against one or more custom selected checkpoint assays