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Gilson | VERITY GX-271 Liquid Handler

The GX-271 Liquid Handler offers a medium capacity with a small footprint. The GX-271 liquid handler provides large and small volume injection using a dynamic, syringe-less pumping system capable of delivering microliters to hundreds of milliliters of liquid with no change in hardware.  The GX-271 Liquid Handler configured for injection and fraction collection is an ideal space saving purification platform.

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Innovative Injection Modules

This mid-throughput liquid handler can be configured with a Direct Injection Module for injection onto an HPLC or LC/MS system. An innovative injection port design that attaches directly to the injection valve reduces void volumes and minimizes carryover associated with calibrated connection tubing, allowing. injection volumes from 2 µL up to 25 mL.The continuous flow path design on all injection valves allows the system flow to continue even as the injection valve switches from load to inject, ensuring consistent pressure and flow.

Versatile, Space-saving Design

With a small footprint of only 23 inches of linear bench space and with a mid-size bed capacity, you’ll have the perfect blend of size, performance, and capacity. On-bed reservoirs provide access for up to four solvents without utilizing a position on the bed. The modular design supports the use of Code 20, 200, or 34X Series Racks and easily accommodates a variety of tubes, vials, and microplates.