Site Acceptance Testing & Operator Training

SciMed specialists will ensure every piece of equipment is properly installed and requirements are met according to factory specifications. Our team will not compromise on the equipment performance and user safety. Thereafter, our specialists will provide training for customer to help familiarize with the proper product usage, care and routine maintenance. Besides providing equipment training, our specialists will also tailor solutions to the requirements of our customers and the market-place.

Validation (IO/OQ/PQ) Program

SciMed has a range of preventive maintenance services and validation programs tailored to meet your SOP needs, to increase product performance and reduce the worry of unexpected repairs, so you can have that peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be performing optimally.

SciMed Maintenance and Validation packages include rigorous testing and verification on all parts of the equipment to ensure that they are functioning to factory standards. We provide service documentations which include detail checklists of all services performed, serial numbers of the equipment serviced, and the service reports on completed work.

Application & Service

SciMed application and service professionals are well versed and trained in every aspect of the products we represent and market. Our team is dedicated to resolve your technical and application glitches in the shortest possible time. We have equipment service packs or spare kits for every one of the equipment that we have in our product portfolio. Our objective is to get your equipment operating with peak performance and running with maximum uptime. SciMed team is now available 24/7 to provide quality services to you round the clock.