Genomics Automation Solutions

Complete Nucleic Acid Extraction, Quantification and Normalization Automation

Overview of the Automation Process

1. Extraction of Nucleic Acids

| Omega Bio-tek’s kits

Omega Bio-tek has optimized workflows for its Mag-Bind® DNA and RNA purification kits on the Tecan DreamPrep™ NAP workstation. They offer pre-scripted methods for a variety of applications making the transition from manual processing much easier.

High - Throughput Nucleic Acid Purification





High - Throughput Nucleic Acid Purification

* Time shown are for processing 96 samples on the DreamPrep™ NAP workstation

2 & 3. Quantification and Normalization of Nucleic Acids

| Tecan’s Frida Reader

The Frida Reader add-on module for the Fluent® Automation Workstation offers UV-based concentration and purity measurements of nucleic acids in a hanging drop.

A Fluent workstation equipped with a Frida Reader provides walkaway quantification and normalization. Individual sample measurements take just 10 seconds, allowing an entire 96-well plate of samples to be quantified and normalized in about 40 minutes.



The figure above shows an example of quantification and normalization workflow using the Frida Reader and Fluent Automation Workstation. The Frida Reader only occupies a single SLAS-format position on the Dynamic Deck™, and is operated via FluentControl for straightforward integration into automation workflows.


IoT and Remote Monitoring

NGS Library Preparation Option

Laboratory Value Chain Supported by SciMed (Asia)

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| After Service

Not just a labware provider

SciMed have a range of preventive maintenance services and validation programs tailored to meet your SOP needs, to increase product performance and reduce the worry of unexpected repairs, so you can have that peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be performing optimally.

SciMed Maintenance and Validation packages include rigorous testing and verification on all parts of the equipment to ensure that they are functioning to factory standards. We provide service documentations which include detail checklists of all services performed, serial numbers of the equipment serviced, and the service reports on completed works.