Imaging and Cell Analysis

Yokogawa’s high content analysis systems and dual spinning disk confocal technologies are used in regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical research, and precision medicine to deliver rapid, high-resolution live cell imaging.

Overview of Our Imaging and Cell Analysis Solutions
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    High Content Analysis CellVoyager

    Yokogawa’s high-content analysis (HCA) systems utilize powerful software to address a wide range of research applications from basic science to complex compound screening.

    Key advantages include:

    • Confocal scanner unit
    • Live/kinetic experiment compatible
    • High throughput
    • Reliable, proven technology

    | High-Throughput Screening

    CellVoyager CV8000 is the most advanced high-content screening system. The improved built-in incubator lets you analyze extended live cell responses. With its expandability, 4 cameras, 5 lasers and an optional built-in pipettor, the system permits increasingly complex assay development and high-content screening.

    | Benchtop System

    CQ1 enables 3D imaging and quantification of live cell clusters, such as spheroids within a 3D culture vessel, as they are, keeping the cells intact. CQ1 exports feature data in general formats which are readable by various third-party software for advanced data analysis. It is possible to construct fully customized CQ1-based system by integrating with external systems, via robot for culture dish handling.

    | Software

    With powerful machine learning functions, our analysis software suite provides researchers with advanced insights into their HCA experiments such as label-free analysis.

    Fully Integrated Bioreactor System for CHO Cell Culture

    The replacement of manual processes with automation is a trend in the biopharmaceutical industry. For complete automation of fed-batch mammalian cell culture, the control of glucose, a key nutrient source, is critical. Through in-line sensing and model predictive control software, automated feeding and a stable concentration of glucose in bioreactors can be achieved.

    | Advanced Control Bioreactor System BR1000

    The Advanced Control Bioreactor System BR1000 automates lab-scale mammalian cell culture with highly accurate real-time monitoring and advanced process control.

    Key advantages include:

    • In-line sensor for measuring glucose and lactate concentrations
    • In-line sensor to measure live cell density
    • Soft sensor for estimating glucose consumption rates in real time
    • Advanced control to automatically control glucose concentration

    Single-Cell Analysis Solutions Single CellomeTM

    Equipped with a minimally-invasive nanopipette, our Single Cellome Unit is capable of injecting target substances while maintaining the positional information of individual cells.

    | Software Minimally Invasive Intracellular Nano-Injector

    This system component automates the penetration and injection of single cells using a nanopipette. It‘s low invasiveness enables manipulation of live single cells. The system integrates with multiple manufacturers’ inverted microscopes.

    Minimally Invasive Intracellular Nano-Injector

    This system component automates the penetration and injection of single cells using a nanopipette.
    It‘s low invasiveness enables manipulation of live single cells.
    The system integrates with multiple manufacturers’ inverted microscopes.

    FlowCam Flow Imaging Microscopy

    With the FlowCam you can analyze particles accurately, reliably and quickly using automated imaging technology to advance your research, increase productivity, and ensure quality.

    | For particles 2µm - 1mm

    FlowCam 8000

    Fluorescence detection options available.

    | For particles 3µ - 1mm

    FlowCam 5000

    Streamlined for rapid data acquisition and analysis.

    | For particles 300nm - 10µm

    FlowCam Nano

    Quickly  image, measure, analyze, and count microparticles.

    | FlowCam VisualSpreadsheet

    VisualSpreadsheet is a powerful software application that allows you to interact with the particle images captured by the FlowCam.

    Improving on other spreadsheet software programs that only allow you to sort and filter rows of numeric data, VisualSpreadsheet gives you the ability to sort and filter actual images.

    Ultimately this provides you with a more in-depth analysis of your sample and a better understanding of your data.

    FlowCam Automated Liquid Handling

    The FlowCam Automated Liquid Handling system from Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies integrates with the FlowCam 8000 series for uninterrupted processing of samples.

    The system allows up to 288 samples to be queued for unattended operation, improved repeatability, and increased productivity.

    | FlowCam Automated Liquid Handling

    FlowCam ALH Key Advantages

    • Pre-analysis sample preparation can be programmed using easy-to-use graphical and menu-driven operations.
    • Heating and cooling features allow sample conditioning and control of sample degradation and evaporation during the processing.
    • System is self-contained to protect against outside contamination and accidental disturbance of samples.
    • Vertical architecture saves valuable bench space while a monitor provides access to current system status and review of workflows for both instruments.
    • Uses standard SBS format labware that can be deployed on any of the general-purpose locations.
    • Autofocus capability
    • Compatible with the ALH (Automated Liquid Handler)
    • Fluorescence emission and detection:
    • Excitation options (488nm, 532nm, 633nm) with 2-channel fluorescence detection
    • Includes paired image analysis software VisualSpreadsheet

    Laboratory Value Chain Supported by SciMed (Asia)

    SciMed (Asia) Pte Ltd is an established and leading provider of products and services for agriculture, biomedical, drug discovery, education, healthcare, industrial laboratory, medical devices, pharmaceutical and research life science market.

    We have a team of professional specialists and engineers, who are factory-trained and have many years of laboratory, research, and field service experience to provide application, technical and engineering supports to our customers.

    Our strategic partnerships include PHCbi, STERIS, Tecan, Corning, Baker, Gilson, Infors, SP Scientific, and other renowned life science companies to provide our customers with the optimal combination of solutions and services to meet their research and scientific requirements.

    | After Service

    Not just a labware provider

    SciMed have a range of preventive maintenance services and validation programs tailored to meet your SOP needs, to increase product performance and reduce the worry of unexpected repairs, so you can have that peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be performing optimally.

    SciMed Maintenance and Validation packages include rigorous testing and verification on all parts of the equipment to ensure that they are functioning to factory standards. We provide service documentations which include detail checklists of all services performed, serial numbers of the equipment serviced, and the service reports on completed works.