MD's Message

Message from Managing Director

Established in 1992, SciMed (Asia) Pte. Ltd. commits itself to serve customers in the life sciences field in APAC by offering the world’s innovations. Strategically located in Singapore, we directly serve customers in Singapore and also support regional customers through our extensive distributors’ network. 

SciMed has joined the global healthcare company PHC Holdings Corporation since July 2020 and has become the first fully-fledged sales and service company for PHC’s Life Sciences domain in the APAC region. Our responsibilities have expanded since then and we now play an important role for the group in the region by providing the products and engineering services for PHC Group’s Life Sciences business as well as by bringing world’s renowned brands from our global partners to customers based on our mission – “Advancing the frontiers of science through innovative solutions for a healthier tomorrow”. 

Currently, the world is facing a variety of challenges including the pandemic. In such a situation, we are expected to deliver the products and services we offer in a timely fashion to accelerate vaccination programmes in various countries. To fulfil these expectations, SciMed has reinforced our supply chain capability to seamlessly supply our products to the market under the helm of PHC Group. This has allowed us to deliver our products and services to a wider range of customers when expected and where required…

SciMed is committed to contributing to the health of society and we are thrilled to be a part of the life sciences industry. We strive to bring a healthier tomorrow by diligently working with our customers and stakeholders. 


Sachihiko Kataoka
Managing Director
SciMed (Asia) Pte. Ltd.