NUS Project Sa’Bai

NUS Project Sa’Bai

Sponsorship for Project Sa’Bai 2017, 2018

Project Sa’Bai is a student-led Medical Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) started in 2006 by students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. In many areas of Cambodia, there are under-privileged Cambodians who do not have the means or ability to access basic health care services. The primary objective of Project Sa’Bai is to provide basic health care and health education for needy Cambodians, in a sustainable manner.

Highlights in Project Sa’Bai 2017:

(1) Completion of our School Clinics

Our team of doctors, medical students, and translators at Teuk Thla Village Clinics

From the 18th to the 20th December, we held our school clinics at 3 different schools – Phum Chreh School, Teuk Thla School, and Toul Kork School. Our volunteer doctors and medical students conducted medical screening for the children at each school, checking for proper growth and development, and vision screening.

Parallel to our medical screening programme is our health education programme, which was developed together with the school teachers and Cambodian medical students. By teaching the children about healthy behaviours and habits, we aim to nurture healthy habits in the children, and encourage them to spread these habits back at home.

(2) Ground Chit Chat

A team of Project Sa’Bai members and translators interviewing a villager (who was a fisherwoman and a construction worker), residing in the outskirts of Phum Chreh Village

Ground Chit-Chat (GCC) serves as an important platform for Sa’Bai members to experience the environment in which Cambodians live in. By walking the ground and observing the area, we can better appreciate the Cambodians’ way of living which may help us understand their culture and how this affects their attitudes towards healthcare. Ultimately, we hope to connect with the villagers on a more personal level.

(3) Translator Appreciation Party

(A small part of) The happy Project Sa’Bai family!

An initiative by the Public Relations committee, Translator Appreciation Party is held as a sign of our gratitude to all the translators who came down for our clinics and volunteered their services. Translators are an integral part of our project, and we were glad to be able to celebrate the translators who had work hard alongside us for the past 3 weeks.

With that, Project Sa’Bai 2017 has officially come to an end. We have made significant progress in our mission to provide free medical screenings and health education for the needy school children and villagers in Cambodia – most notably, our expansions into 2 new villages, and our revamped village education programme.

Of course, our work in Cambodia is far from complete. There still remains much to be done to improve the health of the Cambodians, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our project, and inspire more translators to join our project.

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