Plant Growth Solutions

Plant Growth Chambers (300L | 600L | 1200L)

| MLR (300 L)

The MLR-352 Climatic Test Chamber has been recognized as an exceptional unit suitable for a wide range of applications. The wide variety of temperatures, humidity and lighting patterns that are essential in research, environmental studies and testing can now be accurately reproduced and controlled.

The microprocessor P.I.D. and refrigeration capacity control minimizes temperature fluctuations and thereby improves temperature control. This allows precise experiments plus energy and electricity savings.

Programming of temperature, light, and humidity can be used for small plants, environmental tests, algae, drosophila, etc. Easy calibration of temperature and humidity can be calibrated easily through the control panel. Small lightweight, high molecular membrane-type humidity sensor also boasts a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

Graphic LCD panel with pop-up menu function on control panel provides visual display of operation and allows intuitive operation.

| FitoClima (600L | 1200 L)

The FiloClima reach-in chambers can help you to recreate temperature and humidity with exceptional precision and uniformity.

Program day / night and dusk / dawn cycles with dimmable lighting systems. You can also choose the most suitable light types and shelves for your research needs.

Easily program conditions through ClimaPlus: a user friendly color touch-screen interface, and monitor and manage programs and data with the FitoLog® software suite.

Up to 4 light controlled shelves

With growth area of 0.33 m2  / shelf

Walk-In Plant Growth Chambers

| Single Tier

Single tier ‘walk-in’ controlled environment rooms for medium and tall plants requiring moderate to high light intensities (1000umol/m2s). With an optimized spectra for plant growth, lights are located at the ceiling in a self refrigerated lamp-loft to keep environmental conditions uniform and stable throughout the growth area.

| Multi Tier

Controlled enables simulation of numerous research environment plant growth rooms with multi-tier growth modules divided by a center aisle. With independent light control for each module and precise environment simulation (temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and optional CO2) this chamber conditions with constant precision and reproducibility.

Additional Options Include

CO2 control

LED fixed and variable spectral

Light intensity control in umol/m2s


Arabidopsis Research Growth Chamber

Insect Rearing Room for Butterfly Research 

Colour Touch Screen

Programmable Logic Controller that controls every environmental variable available for any specific FitoClima model (Temperature, Humidity, Lights, Airflow, CO2, O2 and connected external devices)

  • Easy to use touch-screen interface with multi-color display
  • Friendly program editor for creating 32 programs of 24 segments each, allowing the design of complex and comprehensive climatic simulation programs
  • Password protection of the controller functions
  • Managing, monitoring and recording of all alarms
  • Possibility to control and program events by external commands and with external devices
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection to the controller

Data Logging

FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant, the FitoLog® software Records and displays in real time all data and details related to the set-points, running variables and equipment behaviour. It also retrieves information about the active components of the chamber, running processes, errors, alarms and allows the configuration of periodic or alarm triggered remote notifications (by email or SMS, depending on existing connections and accessories).

Common Applications


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| After Service

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