Asbestos Inspection Cabinet Hood

Bigneat’s BA cabinet has excellent access through tear drops in the front panel to the cabinet interior for manipulation of the contained microscope and sample slides.

The lower panel is supplied with an aperture to accept a microscope eye piece. This will be cut to suit individual requirements prior to delivery. Cabinet may be placed onto an existing work surface or supplied with its own support stand/mobile bench. The mobile bench with castors makes the cabinet portable.

Brand: Bigneat
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection


  • Quiet operation
  • Clear all-round vision
  • Control panel with soft touch buttons and service due indicator
  • Audible electronic low air flow alarm
  • Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure


  • LED – Low Energy Lighting
  • Hour Counter
  • Carbon Solvent filter (OS4) upgrade


Cabinets are supplied with:

  • Pre-filter (removes particles/fibres greater than 5 microns)
  • HEPA filtration (removes particles/fibres greater than 0.3 microns with an efficiency of 99.997%)

Optional Extras:

  • Optional Bench.

To make your cabinet free standing, you may choose to purchase an open box section support stand with adjustable/levelling feet.  A motorised height adjustable version is available.


Bigneat’s BA Asbestos Inspection Cabinets have excellent airflow control and enable compliance with HSE 248 regulations. Meeting recognised Standards worldwide, for example:

  • Health & Safety Executive – Publication HSG 248 “Asbestos: The analysts’ guide for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures.”
  • BS EN 14175-2:2003 Fume cupboards. Safety and performance requirements
  • BS EN 61326:2006 Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. EMC requirements.

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