BE Education Laminar Flow Cabinet

Bigneat’s BE range of Laminar Flow Cabinet has been specifically developed for use in schools and colleges. Cabinets are designed to be affordable yet provide a particle-free air conditions at a quality standard used in world-class research laboratories. Most importantly acrylic construction allows excellent all-round vision for students and teachers.

For aseptic techniques and procedures requiring clean air, excellent visibility for both teacher and student.

Brand: Bigneat
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection


Optional Extras:

  • Services package – gas tap, swan-neck water tap with drip cup. Can only be supplied when ordered with mobile stand.
  • Mobile stand – on lockable castors, with or without cupboards and can be supplied in sitting, standing or adjustable height modes.
  • Services port – 80mm diameter service ports to side, back and middle panels for cable and flexible pipe entry.
  • Lighting – internal fluorescent white lighting.
  • UV Sterilisation – internal UV sterilisation lighting c/w timer.

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