Chemcap Clearview Ductless Fume Cabinet

Ductless Fume Cabinet and hoods

An economical solution for containing chemical fume hazards; a recirculatory Chemcap carbon filtration fume hood, may be supplied with a support bench, or placed directly onto the laboratory bench.

Brand: Bigneat
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection


  • Fully Portable
  • Easy touch button controls with service due indicator
  • cabinet includes audible low airflow alarm
  • quiet operation, <50d(B)A
  • Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure
  • Lockable front access doors
  • Average face velocity of 0.5ms-1

Optional extras:

  • FSA – Electronic filter saturation alarm
  • WP – Replacement of rear window with opaque white panel.
  • FHP – Heat protection shield for filters.
  • SK – Services kit – see mobile bench for details.

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