LAPP Automation Enclosure

Bigneat manufactures and installs LAPP Automation Enclosure for process protection and protection of the operator from moving automated equipment – sterile air enclosures.

LAPP’s high performance airflow system draws air through the a HEPA filtration system mounted in the roof of the enclosure. The enclosure is maintained at a slightly positive pressure which ensures contaminated room air does not enter the enclosure.

Brand: Bigneat
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection


  • Great ergonomics with access to four sides of the robotic platform.
  • Excellent all-round visibility of the enclosed system.
  • Easy touch, state-of-the-art control system – displays enclosure status and controls airflow system, hour counter.
  • Display shows status of enclosed robotic system which is mounted to enclosure exterior.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication of low airflow.
  • Door open warning alarm.
  • Display/lighting beacons show status of enclosed robotic system.

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