Baker | IsoGARD®


Baker designs and builds application-specific Class III gloveboxes to the highest specification for containment and construction detail. Many Class III cabinets are custom systems. The IsoGARD‚® was developed by bringing together the best and most requested features of our custom Class III systems and offers a standardized line of biological safety cabinets.

Brand: Baker
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Air Containment and Barrier Protection


Baker’s IsoGARD® series is designed to allow safe handling of hazardous microbiological agents or pharmaceutical potent compounds under contained conditions. Our exclusive design offers a degree of product protection higher than that achieved before in any Class III equipment because the entire volume of air within the cabinet is replaced. The IsoGARD® bathes the interior of the cabinet with HEPA-filtered air, thereby increasing entrainment of generated particles and keeping the work area free of contaminants._x000D_
Class III gloveboxes can be engineered to provide the highest level of personnel, product and environmental protection, all with the convenient, user-friendly features and ergonomic comfort you’ve come to expect from a Baker cabinet.

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