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Buffers and Blocking Reagents

Decrease non-specific signals generated by the binding of non-target proteins and peptides and improve assay sensitivity by utilizing Rockland blocking buffers.

> Improve signal-to-noise ratio

> Prevent non-specific antibody binding

> Reduce blank or background interference

> Stabilize adsorbed protein for better interactions

In ELISA, Rockland’s blocking buffer formulations reduce non-specific binding of sample and assay components to the well—while also stabilizing the coated protein. Our solutions can help develop more accurate and long-lasting results that drive scientific innovation. Rockland buffers are dependable and high quality. Don’t degrade your success, use Rockland blocking buffers to boost your results today.

Choosing your Blocking Reagent

There are many options when selecting a blocking reagent. Blocking reagents are available as powders, pre-measured mixtures, and ready-to-use solutions. The source of the blocking reagent can also greatly impact the results of the assay. Common blocking reagents, such as bovine serum albumin, blotto and fish gel, have unique attributes that provide better performance depending on the assay.

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