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ELISA Reagents

Rockland offers enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) reagents for a variety of procedures and immunoassays that are ideal for the quantification of target antigens. Rockland’s quality reagents are produced in our own US-based facilities.

ELISA protocols can vary greatly and may require many different reagents. In addition to the antibody reagents, more reagents such as stop solutions, wash buffers, and stabilizers can improve the sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA assay. When choosing reagents, it is beneficial to know the limit of detection required and whether the goal is to detect an analyte or the antibody response. Rocklands quality reagents and protocol suggestions will yield a reproducible assay with excellent results.

Suitable for direct/indirect and sandwich direct/indirect ELISA assays.


Why choose Rockland for your ELISA assay development

ELISA assay development is made easy by combining Rockland’s high-quality immunoassay reagents with our scientific and manufacturing expertise. Rockland’s staff are well versed in the steps of assay development from proof-of-concept to pre-coating ELISA plates to validation and stability studies.

Developing the reagents and raw materials gives us a unique understanding of what every project or immunoassay needs to be successful and having complete control of our supply chain allows us to meet the increasing quantities and bulk amounts requested by our clients.

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