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Molecular Biology-Grade Reagents

Safeguard your next experimental procedure with Rockland’s molecular biology reagents. Rockland’s DEPC-treated water and other DNase- and RNase-free molecular biology chemicals have been purified and assayed to ensure a bacteria-free experiment, while our ready-to-use proteins standards and DNA ladders add ease, convenience, and reliability for quicker preparation and accurate results.


Why Use Rockland’s Protein Standards?

Containing 11 proteins that resolve into sharp, tight bands in the 10-175 kDa range, our protein standards can assist with monitoring molecular weight separation during electrophoresis, estimating molecular weights of proteins of interest, and evaluating the transfer efficiency of your Western blot.

> Ready-to-use – Dramatically reduce the time required to prepare SDS-PAGE, Western blot or agarose gel applications

> Easy-to-use – Enhance readability with dual-colored and tri-colored prestained protein standards

> Stable – Store at room temperature for up to 6 months, ensuring stress-free observation of protein separation during SDS-PAGE

> Reliable – Display an array of bands to eliminate molecular weight size ambiguity and reduce the need for hands-on work

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