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TrueBlot Series

Immunoprecipitation (IP) and Western Blot (WB) protocols provide highly specific results but often suffer from poor or non-specific binding, high background, and heavy/light chain interference. Rockland’s TrueBlot® line of products consists of both TrueBlot® IP beads and TrueBlot® monoclonal secondary antibodies, which combat these common experimental issues by providing increased specificity, low background, and enhanced accuracy to provide publication-quality IP Western Blots without interference from contaminating IgG.


1. TrueBlot Secondary Antibodies

Leverage the unique properties of monoclonal TrueBlot® secondary antibodies to achieve accurate, reproducible, sensitive, and low-background detection of target protein in Western blots, especially when you are generating publication-quality westerns or you need to detect immunoprecipitated (IP) proteins.

> Highly Specific – TrueBlot secondary antibodies detect only native, unreduced IgG, optimizing detection of primary antibody and reducing background signal from antibody used prior to SDS-PAGE, such as during IP.

> Reliably Reproducible – The monoclonal nature of TrueBlot secondary antibodies limits non-specific binding and provides reliable reproducibility.

> Easy to Use – Simply substitute TrueBlot secondary antibodies for your current conventional secondary antibodies for unparalleled clarity of results and high-quality images suitable for publication.

> Broadly Applicable – TrueBlot is deal for studying post-translational protein modifications (e.g., phosphorylation, acetylation) and protein-protein interactions.

2. TrueBlot IP Beads

Rockland’s TrueBlot® Immunoprecipitation beads are specifically designed, tested, and quality-controlled to provide optimal results in the capture and purification of targets from cell lysates and serums.

> Excellent binding capacities

> Stable, pre-blocked beads for cleaner purifications

> Species-specific Ig IP beads available in an agarose or magnetic bead format

> Variety of general-use magnetic beads available conjugated to Protein A, Protein G, streptavidin, or biotin
Pair TrueBlot IP beads with the unique detection properties of TrueBlot secondary antibodies for unhindered detection of your target proteins in IP–Western Blots.

3. TrueBlot Kits

For simple enrichment and detection of recombinant proteins, Rockland’s all-in-one TrueBlot® IP–Western Blot kits for DYKDDDDK (FLAG®), GFP, and 6X HIS epitope tags provide the convenience of an IP–Western Blot kit with the specificity and unique detection properties of TrueBlot® secondary antibodies.

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