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ATAC-Seq Kit

ATAC-Seq is a rapid assay that allows analysis of epigenetic profiles across the genome by identification of regions that have open or accessible chromatin states. Because of the assay’s speed, simplicity, and applicability to a wide range of sample types, ATAC-Seq has become a commonly-used epigenetic assay, and it can serve as a gateway to further, more detailed epigenetic analyses.

In the ATAC-Seq assay, intact nuclei from cell or tissue samples are treated with a hyperactive Tn5 transposase mutant. This transposase is able to simultaneously tag the target DNA with sequencing adapters and fragment the DNA in a process termed tagmentation.

The ATAC-Seq Kit from Active Motif provides the reagents necessary to produce 16 unique sequencing-ready Illumina®-compatible ATAC-Seq libraries from 20 – 30 mg tissue or 50,000 – 100,000 cells per reaction. The optimized protocol guides you through the steps for sample preparation, tagmentation and library preparation, yielding next-gen sequencing-ready libraries that can be multiplexed in a single flow cell sequencing run.

Complete Guide to Understanding and Using ATAC-Seq

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ATAC-Seq Kit Highlights:

  • Reveal the genomic sequence of open chromatin regions
  • Yields next-gen sequencing-ready libraries in hours
  • Simple and rapid optimized protocol & reagents

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