ChIP Control qPCR Primer Sets

Primers that amplify positive and negative binding locations are an important component of every chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) experiment. Unfortunately the location of transcription factor binding sites, histone modifications and CpG DNA methylation varies between cell types. Therefore, it can be difficult to identify controls for use in each cell system.

For this reason, Active Motif offers a large variety of primer sets for use as positive and negative controls for many of the more common ChIP targets. Use of our primer sets will save you the time and effort required to design, synthesize and test your own species/gene-specific control primers. Each primer set has been tested in multiple cell lines examining many different proteins or histone modifications. They have been validated and proven to work in both qPCR and endpoint PCR, and are also used regularly by our Epigenetic Services division. Because, depending on the cell type and antibody combination used in the ChIP experiment, some primers may not perform as expected, multiple options are available.

Click one of the following links to see our species-specific qPCR primer sets for chromatin IP:

Human ChIP Control qPCR Primer Sets

Mouse ChIP Control qPCR Primer Sets

Model Organism ChIP Control qPCR Primer Sets

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