ChIP DNA Purification Kit

Rapid, simple purification of DNA from your chromatin IP experiments
Active Motif’s Chromatin IP DNA Purification Kit makes it possible to quickly clean up your ChIP DNA samples and get them ready for analysis, without the need for messy, labor intensive and time-consuming phenol/chloroform extraction. Our method is optimized for chromatin IP and epigenetics applications, so is completely compatible with samples generated using our ChIP-IT® Express chromatin immunoprecipitation kits.

Brand: Active Motif
Categories: Antibodies, Media, Kits and Other Reagents, Assay and Extraction Kits



  • 85-100% recovery of purified DNA
  • Start with as few as 10,000 cells
  • Enables recovery of DNA fragments as small as 50 bp
  • Compatible with Active Motif or other manufacturer’s ChIP kits
  • Can also be used to purify DNA from our hMeDIP, MeDIP & MethylCollector™ Ultra Kits

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