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ChIP-IT® Control Kits

ChIP is an enrichment of DNA bound by a particular protein, not a complete purification of the protein-bound DNA. As a result, ChIPs are unavoidably contaminated with chromatin bound non-specifically which can make data interpretation difficult. To solve these problems, Active Motif offers species-specific ChIP-IT® Control Kits for real time or endpoint PCR. Control kits are ideal for ChIP antibody and primer set validation when run in parallel with your test samples. The control kit will help to confirm the chromatin preparation and immunoprecipitation procedures worked properly and allow you to assess the quality of your test antibody and primer sets.

The ChIP-IT® Control qPCR Kits include a positive control antibody, a bridging antibody to enhance binding affinity of mouse monoclonal antibodies, a negative control antibody to evaluate non-specific binding and species-specific positive and negative control qPCR primers. The positive and negative control primer sets enable direct comparison of gene targets for the same antibody immunoprecipitation. This eliminates the variation that is seen when comparing a ChIP antibody result to that of a negative control IgG antibody, as each have different binding affinities.

Our original ChIP-IT® Control Kits are designed for use in endpoint PCR. Each kit provides positive and negative control antibodies, bridging antibody to enhance the binding affinity of mouse monoclonal antibodies, a positive control PCR primer set as well as a PCR buffer/DNA loading dye that makes your PCR reactions ready to run on the gel straight out of the thermocycler.

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ChIP-IT® Control qPCR Kit – Human 5 rxns 53026
ChIP-IT® Control qPCR Kit – Mouse 5 rxns 53027
ChIP-IT® Control qPCR Kit – Rat 5 rxns 53028
ChIP-IT® Control Kit – Human 5 rxns 53010
ChIP-IT® Control Kit – Mouse 5 rxns 53011
ChIP-IT® Control Kit – Rat 5 rxns 53012

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