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Sequencing (ChIP-Seq). The FFPE ChIP assay comes in two modules, the Chromatin Preparation Kit (for which there are two options, depending on sample quality) and the ChIP-IT® FFPE II Kit (to perform the ChIP-based enrichment), to allow flexibility dependent on type and amount of starting material.

FFPE samples are typically limited in size, lack consistency in the methods used for formalin fixation and often display degradation and loss of antigenicity due to harsh fixation conditions or prolonged storage. These factors can affect the ease of chromatin preparation and may require a certain degree of optimization. The ChIP-IT® FFPE Chromatin Preparation Kits contain specially formulated reagents and protocol guidelines to extract high quality chromatin from histological slides or tissue sections. The ChIP-IT® FFPE Chromatin Preparation Kit is optimized for extracting chromatin from difficult to extract samples, for example, those that have been overfixed, are many years old, or are difficult to rehydrate. The ChIP-IT® FFPE Chromatin Preparation II Kit has a faster workflow optimized for high quality, readily extractable FFPE samples.

The ChIP-IT® FFPE II Kit contains all the necessary reagents and protocols to enable enrichment from the limited amounts of chromatin obtained from FFPE samples. A preclearing step included in the ChIP enrichment minimizes background signal and enables cleaner data. Antibody and PCR primer controls are also provided in this kit to evaluate the successful execution of the ChIP procedure.

Brand: Active Motif
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ChIP-IT® FFPE II Advantages

  • Obtain quality chromatin using histological slides or tissue blocks as the starting material
  • Sensitive enrichment of DNA from nanogram quantities of FFPE chromatin
  • Optimized reagents reduce background levels caused by non-specific binding events
  • Highly robust procedure has been validated using FFPE chromatin from both normal and tumor samples with proven performance in both qPCR and ChIP-Seq analysis
  • Controls are included in both the chromatin preparation and ChIP kits to help confirm results

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