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Chromatin Assembly Kit

The Chromatin Assembly Kit enables you to study your DNA sequence of interest in a native chromatin environment. The simple, easy-to-follow protocol generates assembled chromatin in hours with few manipulations, providing you with material that is ideal for downstream applications such as in vitro ChIP, transcription and histone modification assays.

To study specific histone modifications within a chromatin context, Active Motif’s Recombinant Histones with site and degree-specific modifications can be used as substrates for chromatin assembly.

The Chromatin Assembly Kit includes native HeLa core histones and recombinant chaperone and assembly proteins for the in vitro assembly of nucleosomes in a natural, ordered array on either circular or linear input DNA. The kit also includes reagents to confirm the ordered array of nucleosomes on the DNA with a simple and quick partial enzymatic digestion. The partial digestion clearly shows the ordered spacing of nucleosomes on the DNA

Brand: Active Motif
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