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Active Motif’s enChIP® Kit* (engineered DNA-binding molecule-mediated chromatin immunoprecipitation) utilizes the CRISPR/Cas system to target specific genomic regions for investigation of associated DNA-binding interactions.

A guide RNA (gRNA) containing 20 nucleotides complementary to the desired genomic region is expressed in combination with a tagged, enzymatically inactive Cas9 protein (dCas9). The gRNA directs the dCas9 protein to the target sequence and an RNA-DNA heteroduplex is formed. Chromatin immunoprecipitation is then performed on the cells using an antibody directed against the AM-tagged dCas9 protein to enrich for genomic sequences bound by the gRNA/dCas9 complex.

By using the enChIP Kit, it is possible to evaluate cis- and trans-interacting chromosomal looping events. Additionally, the enChIP Kit can be used to study off-target gRNA binding sites to determine the quality of gRNA design prior to use in genome editing experiments.

*Patent numbers: WO2014/125668; JP5954808

Brand: Active Motif
Categories: Antibodies, Media, Kits and Other Reagents, Assay and Extraction Kits


enChIP® Features

  • Evaluate cis- and trans-interacting chromosomal looping events
  • Identify off-target binding events for each gRNA sequence
  • AM-tag design maximizes enChIP enrichment efficiency
  • Works well with open chromatin regions to detect promoter, enhancer and insulator elements

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