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Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit

Active Motif’s Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit provides a complete ChIP-Seq workflow for chromatin preparation, immunoprecipitation, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation from limited amounts of cells or small tissue biopsies. To see how these features compare to the other ChIP kits we offer, see our ChIP Kit Selection Guide.

The assay is robust enough to work with both high abundance histone modifications and low abundance transcription factor proteins. The Next Gen DNA Library and Next Gen DNA Indexing reagents are included to generate high complexity sequencing libraries that are compatible with Illumina® platforms.

ChIP-Seq is a method that has traditionally required using millions of cells per immunoprecipitation reaction to generate genome-wide profiles for histone modifications or transcription factor binding. The Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit not only reduces sample input requirements, but it also resolves issues often associated with low cell ChIP, including poor signal-to-noise, inefficient library amplification, and high duplication rates.

Brand: Active Motif
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Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit Highlights

  • Reproducible ChIP-Seq data for histone modifications or transcription factors from as few as 1,000 cells
  • Complete ChIP-Seq workflow includes chromatin preparation, immunoprecipitation, and Illumina-compatible NGS library preparation reagents that have been optimized for use on limited cell numbers
  • Blocking reagents and an optimized protocol improve signal-to-noise ratio for better peak calling and lower background
  • Molecular identifiers (MIDs) are incorporated within the P5 adapter for retention of fragmentation duplicates and removal of PCR duplicates to increase the number of unique alignments

Multiplex up to 16 samples on the same sequencing flow cell

The Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit contains enough reagents to perform 16 ChIP-seq reactions. Some of the included ChIP buffers, blockers, and protein G capture reagents may also be purchased separately.

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