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When performing chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP, chromatin IP) experiments, it is often useful to prove that two different proteins or histone modifications are present at the same site in the genome. Or, you may want to determine if a protein coincides with a specific histone modification at the same regulatory element. Re-ChIP (aka Sequential ChIP, Chromatin Re-IP and ChIP Re-ChIP) is a relatively new technique that enables sequential chromatin immunoprecipitations to be performed using two different antibodies so that you can assay for the simultaneous presence of two proteins or distinct histone modifications at the same genomic region of interest. The Active Motif Re-ChIP-IT® Kit utilizes the efficient magnetic bead-based protocol used to develop our ChIP-IT® Express Kits to provide a convenient kit for Re-ChIP that works with chromatin prepared using either sonication or enzymatic shearing, is compatible with multi-channel pipetting and requires fewer cells than other methods.

To help you improve your results, Active Motif offers a number of ChIP Accessory Products that were designed to make it even easier for you to perform successful sequential ChIP when working with Re-ChIP-IT:

  • ChIP-IT® Express Sonication & Enzymatic Shearing Kits
  • ChIP-IT® Control Kits
  • ChIP Control qPCR Primer Sets
  • ChIP DNA Purification Kit

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