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To facilitate the characterization of the role of RNA in genome regulation, Active Motif has applied the efficient magnetic bead-based protocol used to develop our ChIP-IT® Express Kits to develop the first of its kind kit for RNA-ChIP. The RNA ChIP-IT® Kit was designed to study RNA-protein interactions in a chromatin context, and has been optimized to recover RNA for RT-PCR analysis. The kit contains sufficient material for 25 assays, with optimized protocols using magnetic beads, to minimize labor required to obtain results.

  • Specifically tailored to study chromatin-associated RNA
  • Designed to remove DNA while maintaining RNA integrity
  • Step-by-step protocols for fixation of chromatin, sonication and immunoprecipitation, all optimized for RNA preservation
  • Includes all RNase and protease inhibitors at precise concentrations
  • Separate control kit available with control antibody and primers

Also available is the RNA ChIP-IT Control Kit – Human, which provides human-specific reagents (positive control Suz12 rabbit polyclonal antibody, negative control rabbit IgG and lincSFPQ PCR primer mix) to verify that the chromatin samples prepared by the user perform as expected. The control kit also make it easier to validate if your antibodies function in RNA-ChIP.

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