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Active Motif’s Tag-ChIP-IT® Kit offers a method to perform ChIP without the need for protein-specific antibodies. Simply create an expression construct containing the protein of interest in-frame with a C-terminal AM-tag that is specifically designed to work in ChIP and produce highly consistent and reliable results. To see how these features compare to the other ChIP Kits we offer, see our ChIP Kit Selection Guide.

Active Motif’s AM-tag offers several advantages over other tags, such as FLAG, GFP and HA. AM-tag is specifically designed to give low background signal in ChIP experiments. Also, in contrast to larger GFP and Halo® tags, the low molecular weight and unstructured design of the AM-tag reduces the possibility of impeding on the DNA binding domain. In addition, we have designed a high specificity antibody to the tag to increase the pull down efficiency during immunoprecipitation.

Use the pAM_1C Empty Vector to clone your protein of interest, or add the AM-tag sequence to the expression vector of choice. Following transfection and expression of your tagged protein, the Tag-ChIP-IT Kit can be used to isolate chromatin and perform immunoprecipitations using an antibody directed against the AM-tag. The Tag-ChIP-IT method yields highly reproducible results with proven performance in both qPCR and ChIP-Seq analysis.

Brand: Active Motif
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Tag-ChIP-IT® Advantages

  • Ideal for targets without ChIP antibodies or with low affinity antibodies
  • Enables studies of isoforms, mutations and truncations
  • AM-tag design maximizes enrichment efficiency of low abundance proteins
  • AM-tag has little to no cross-reactivity with mammalian systems for reduced background

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