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Minifors 2

The Minifors 2 is a compact and easy-to-use bioreactor with a full range of application possibilities. It is a complete package that enables both, beginners and experienced users to easily perform applications.

Unpack and get started

The Minifors 2 will take you directly to your bioprocess. The bioreactor is preconfigured and delivered ready to use. Connect the device, mount the vessel, connect pumps and sensors and begin to work after only 10 minutes.

Award-winning design for practical applications

The Minifors 2 has a compact, user-friendly design. With its small footprint and few external connections, the bench-top bioreactor takes up little space in the lab. Your work around the bioprocess will be simplified by special details; for example, the practical vessel holder that enables the safe and risk-free transport of the pump heads and the bottles together with the culture vessel. Also, the steel drip tray can be easily cleaned, even if the bioreactor is in operation.

It speaks your language

Easy and intuitive means: Get on directly with the bioprocess in only a few steps thanks to understandable controls and without the need for training. The touch screen accompanies you through the experiment in several languages. You can prepare everything in the shortest possible time – from the calibration of the sensors to the configuration of cascades and specification of setpoints.

Brand: Infors HT
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Bioreactors, Benchtop Bioreactors


Culture vessels
  • Available in total volumes of 1.5 L, 3 L and 6 L
  • Quick and easy change between culture vessel sizes
  • Rounded flat vessel bottom: Low minimum working volume, good mixing, stability with or without a vessel holder
  • Safe sampling without any dead volume: INFORS HT Super Safe Sampler
Top plate
  • Intelligent design for easy access to all ports
  • Sufficient ports, for standard fittings and extra inlets, immersion tubes and sensors
  • 4 x 7.5 mm: addition ports available for acid, base, feed & 1 free
  • 4 x 10 mm: sparger, anti-foam system, temperature sensor, sampling/harvest
  • Maximum 7 x 12 mm (Pg13.5): pH, pO2, exhaust gas cooler, inoculation are pre-allocated, 3 are freely available
  • Convenient, tool-free cleaning and maintenance thanks to knurled screws
High-performance pumps
  • 4 High-performance pumps
  • Configurable operating mode: digital (fixed-speed) or analogue (variable speed)
  • 3 x fix (acid, base, antifoam), 1 x variable (feed)
  • Autoclavable pump heads
  • Gravimetric feeding with dosing mode (requires external scale)
  • Profile-based pump-speed control (with eve®)
  • 2 analogue inputs / outputs to connect external pumps (version for cell cultures)
  • 2 integrated MFC for air, air/O2, or air/N2 (version for microorganisms)
  • 5 integrated MFC for air, O2, N2, CO2 and head space gassing (version for cell cultures)
  • Integrated pressure sensor for detecting a blocked filter
  • Gassing optimised for bacteria applications and cell cultures: specific gassing rate (vvm) up to 2.0 min-1
  • Multiple cascades for pO2 control by means of stirrer speed, gassing rate (“TotalFlow”) and/or gas composition (“GasMix”)
  • Robust, digital connection of pH and pO2 sensors
  • Optical pO2 sensor: immediately ready for use, no polarization required
  • Calibration data stored in sensor head
  • Product calibration of the pH sensor for reliable measurements during long-running bioprocesses
  • Optional: biomass sensors from Optek and aquila biolabs
Operating unit
  • Integrated 7″ touch screen (17.8 cm)
  • Simple handling through intuitive menus and practical on-screen help
  • Calibration of pH, pO2 and OD sensors using simple install wizards
  • Direct data export to USB drive in stand-alone operation
  • Multiple display languages
eve® Bioprocess Platform Software
  • Planning, controlling and analysing bioprocesses
  • Integrated workflows, devices and bioprocess knowledge
  • Integrates bioreactors and analytical instruments, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Web-based project organisation
  • Communication using the latest OPC UA (Minifors 2) or OPC XML-DA standard (Multifors 2, Labfors 5, Techfors-S, Techfors)
  • Synchronisation of process-related events such as sampling or inoculation

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