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Multifors 2

With Multifors 2 you can work with up to six bioprocesses in parallel. Thanks to a selection of preconfigured packages and a variety of connection possibilities and options, you will be ideally equipped for optimizing sophisticated bioprocesses on a small scale.

Everything you need in 1.2 meters

The Multifors 2 is a compact, free-standing device with up to six culture vessels on three base units. To give you more flexibility in the lab, we have organized the vessels into groups of two that you can separate, recombine or expand however you like. The integrated touchscreen controller lets you see all of your bioprocesses at a glance and control all of your culture vessels.

Fully equipped

An integrated analog feed pump is a standard feature that makes the bioreactor immediately ready for fed-batch cultures. The unit includes three digital pumps for acids, bases and antifoaming agents. Up to four gases (air, N2 , O2 and CO2 ) can be used in virtually any combination. Users can select either a mass-flow regulator or a rotameter for a precise feed. If required, additional sensors and actuators can be connected.

Developed for scale-up and scale-down

The Multifors 2 offers you fully functional bioreactors on a small scale, employing the same sensor technologies as larger bioreactors and consequently delivering directly comparable data. Optional PAT tools offer you a simple way of preparing for later production in a benchtop or pilot-plant reactor.

eve® Bioprocess Platform Software

eve® is able to do more than just plan, control and analyse your bioprocesses. The eve® software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform, with which you can organise your bioprocesses in a web based system.

Brand: Infors HT
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Culture vessels
  • Culture vessels are easy to exchange
  • Powerful magnetic drive
  • Magnetic coupling reduces the risk of contamination and simplifies handling
  • Specialized stirring systems for microorganisms
Top plate
  • Motor underneath the vessel for excellent accessibility to available ports
  • Up to 13 ports for sensors (antifoam, optical density, pH, pO2, redox, conductivity, live cell density, etc.)
High-performance pumps
  • Basic setup includes four precision pumps per culture vessel (option of one more)
  • Autoclavable pump heads
  • Gravimetric feeding (with external scale)
  • Profile-based pump-speed control with eve®
  • Customer-specific gassing with up to 5 gas lines, either via a sparger or in the headspace
  • Feed via rotameter or mass-flow regulator
  • Cascades may be configured in serial or in parallel for controlling the pO2 via the stirrer speed, gassing rate, gas composition, etc.
  • pH control with acid and CO2
  • Customers may choose from digital (Modbus) or analog sensors.
  • Product calibration of the pH sensor for reliable measurements during long-running bioprocesses
  • If required, additional sensors and actuators can be connected.
12″ Touchscreen Controller
  • Touchscreen with integrated OPC server
  • Reliable measurement and setting of the bioprocess parameters and communication with eve®
  • Parallel management and control of up to six devices
  • Up to 24 selectable parameters, such as temperature, stirring speed, pH, pO2, anti-foaming agent, feed
eve® Bioprocess Platform Software
  • Planning, controlling and analysing bioprocesses
  • Integrated workflows, devices and bioprocess knowledge
  • Integrates bioreactors and analytical instruments, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Web-based project organisation
  • Communication using the latest OPC UA (Minifors 2) or OPC XML-DA standard (Multifors 2, Labfors 5, Techfors-S, Techfors)
  • Synchronisation of process-related events such as sampling or inoculation

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