MSE | Harrier


The Harrier is a benchtop centrifuge designed for routine laboratory use without active cooling system. As you would expect from any MSE centrifuge, the Harrier represents excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.

Brand: MSE
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Bench-Top Shakers, Centrifuges


Automatic locking while the rotor is in motion. An indicator light signals when the rotor has come to rest and the lid may be opened safely. Together with automatic out-of-balance detection system.

Ease of Use
Maintenance free, brushless drive. spare parts available for at least 10 years after production has ceased. Easy access to components via the front panels.

Intuitive and easy to use control with optimum height designed for easy loading. Smooth and easy to clean surface for low downtime. All accessories are fully autoclavable.

The aerodynamically designed rotor spins smoothly and quietly, virtually without vibration, even at maximum speed. Various range of accessories and custom-made adaptors available on request.

More than 80 years of experience in the industry. Robust and easy to last. High level final quality control before dispatch from our factory.

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