CO2 Shaking Incubator AniCell (NB-206CXL/ NB206CXXL)

The Anicell shaking CO2 incubator is ideal for use in the fields of bio similar production, proteomics, crystallography, genomics, cell biology and new drug development. A large capacity CO2 incubator with separable long life shakers provide the optimum solution for cell culture in suspension.

The Anicell’s internal chamber is subdivided into 3 compartments each holding a separable orbital shaker which can hold Erlenmeyer, cylindrical flasks or deep well blocks. Dual beam Infra Red sensor provides precise CO2 control while the six side heating system ensures excellent temperature control and recovery and humidity. An outstanding Air Circulation System ensures temperature uniformity within all compartments.

The unique patented orbital shakers are constructed with stainless steel to minimize contamination and aid cleaning. Brushless magnetic plate induction design allows these shakers to be used in highly humid environments and operate vibration free without generating particulates. Noise free these powerful shakers can be used for many years with reliability guaranteed.

Brand: NBiotek
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, CO2 and Multi gas Incubators


Growing Cell Suspension

The Anicell is designed to culture eukaryotic cells such as CHO, HEK, Hela etc. in suspension but can also be used as a static incubator if required.

Infra Red Sensor

Industry Standard Dual Beam Infra Red Sensor is used to maintain control of CO2 density.

Pullout Shaker Platform

Platform of each shakers can be pulled out for loading flasks on each shakers efficiently.

Sticky Mat & Various Holders

The orbital shakers can be used with sticky mats or dedicated flask holder trays or universal flask/tube holder plate.

Individual Shaker Control

Each orbital shaker can be individually controlled by an external control panel.

Excellent Temperature Control

All 6 sides are directly heated and combined with P. 1. D control to ensure that temperatures are reached quickly and uniformity is maintained. Further the system combines forced air and natural convection to maintain the best temperature uniformity at al times.

High Natural Humidification

A deep and wide humidity tray allows a high and natural humidity to be generated.

Split Inner Glass Door

The internal chamber is separated into three compartments each with its own shelve, shaker and glass door. This design prevents excessive loss of heat and CO2 when removing flasks etc.

Humidity Display

LED display of actual humidity in the chambers informs the user of time to supplement the water in the humidity tray.

Auto Restart Function

Each shaker has an auto-start function such that if the glass inner door to each compartment is opened the shaker in that compartment stops and starts again when the door is closed. Auto start is also enabled if there is a power cut.

UV Lamp

A UV lamp sited next to the circulation fan works to sterilize the air in the incubator even during cell culturing. The UV lamp can be turned on or off by a switch on the front panel.

Stain Resistant Interior

The inner chamber and all orbital shakers are constructed with stainless steel SUS304 which is designed for use in GMP facility and is resistant to rust formation in high humidity conditions.

Anti-Bacterial Filter

A HEPA filter, located in post circulation fan, traps microbes and helps to maintain a sterile environment.

Removable Shelves

Larger growth vessels like 5 or 10 liter flasks can be accommodated by completely removing the shelves.

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