Portable Mini CO2 Incubator (NB-203M)

Compact & Economical Mini CO2 Incubator.

Brand: NBiotek
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, CO2 and Multi gas Incubators


  • 15.2Liter Chamber
  • 6.8 kg Light Weight to carry
  • Portable Use with carrying handle(Car Plug available)
  • Economical Price & Compact Design for Personal Use
  • Available size to use in work station or Clean bench
  • Digital Set-Up for Temperature & CO2
  • Forced Air Circulation by Fan
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • Quick recovery & Precise CO2 control by IR Sensor
  • Cooling with very low noise
    • Two Stainless Steel Shelves (Standard)
    • Natural Humidification by Water Pan
  • Cooling & Heating by peltier
  • Stainless steel Water Tray
  • Power Plug & Car Jack

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