MCO-50AIC CO2 Incubator

Personal-size compact CO2 Incubator

A stackable structure allows the main body to be stacked in two or three layers, depending on the installation environment and culture conditions.
When arranged your incubators in triple stackable configurations, this unit meets GLP requirements by helping to avoid patient-to-patient cross contamination in individualized patient-specific clinical incubation applications.

Double-stacking configuration and Options
Upper unit
Lower Unit MCO-50AIC/M Stacking bracket
MCO-5AC/M Stacking plate
Accessories for fixing are attached
in MCO-5AC/M

*Other combinations are not recommended.

Triple-stacking configuration and Options
Upper unit MCO-50AIC/M
Stacking plate
Stacking bracket
Middle unit MCO-5AC/M MCO-50AIC/M
Accessories for fixing are attached
in MCO-5AC/M
Stacking plate
Stacking bracket
Lower Unit MCO-5AC/M MCO-50AIC/M

*Other combinations are not recommended.

Brand: PHCbi
SKU: MCO-50AIC CO2 Incubator
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, CO2 and Multi gas Incubators


User-friendly design of compact CO2 Incubator

Easier to Clean & Integrated Tray Catches

Tray catches are integral parts of the chamber, opening up more space for trays by reducing 70 % of the parts to accommodate more culture containers.
(comparison with MCO-5AC/5M)

LCD Touch Panel Controller

A WVGA Color LCD touch panel delivers full control over different protocols. Auto-lock can be set with the optional electric door lock MCO-170EL. The access can be limited, controlled, and traced by setting User-IDs and Passwords.


Integrated Tray Catches

Security Function

The automatic door lock (electric lock) can be set by the optional electric lock (MCO-170EL). The operation for lock can be controlled by individual user ID and password.

High-speed H2O2 decontamination in 2.5 hours (Option will be on sale soon)

The high-speed decontamination system using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which is also widely used for the protocol of regenerative medicine, can complete decontamination in about two and a half hours, improving the lab work efficiency of researchers and ensuring decontamination of the cell culture incubator inside.


External Dimensions (W x D x H) 480 x 550 x 585 mm
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 370 x 363 x 385 mm
Volume 50 liters
Net Weight 45 kg
Temperature Control Range & Fluctuation AT +5 ~ +50, ±0.1 °C
Temperature Uniformity ±0.25 °C
CO2 Control Range & Fluctuation 0 ~ 20, ±0.15 %
O2 Control Range & Fluctuation
Humidity Level & Fluctuation 95, ±5 %RH
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
CO2 Sensor Dual IR
O2 Sensor
Display Digital (white graphic OLED) readable to 0.1 increments
Exterior Material Painted Steel (rear cover not painted)
Interior Material Stainless Steel Copper-Enriched Alloy
Insulation Material Styrene AcryloNitrile copolymer
Heating Method Direct Heat & Air Jacket System
Outer Doors 1 (Field reversible door)
Inner Doors 1 (tempered glass)
Shelves 2 x stainless steel copper-enriched alloy
Shelf Dimensions (W x D x H) 353 x 308 x 12 mm
Max. Load Per Shelf 7 kg
Access Port 1
Access Port Position On The Back Side
Access Port Diameter 30
Power Failure R
Out of Temperature Setting V-B-R
High Temperature V-B-R
Out of CO2 Setting V-B-R
Out of O2 Setting
Door Open V-B
Power Supply 220
Frequency 60
Noise Level 29 dB

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