Corning® 10 x 10 Inch Top PC-620D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Displays, 230V/50Hz

The Corning PC-620D stirring hot plate has a 10 (25.4 x 25.4cm) Pyroceram top and digital temperature and stirring speed displays. It is designed to operate on 230V/50Hz with CEE7-7 plug for use in parts of Asia, Africa, Australia and other areas with similar electrical requirements. A Model PC-420D is shown to the left with optional temperature controller and support rod (Cat. No. 440129). Both of these products can be purchased separately or as part of an accessory kit (Cat. No. 6795KIT).

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  • Microprocessor maintains consistent and repeatable temperature settings from 5¢Ë†Å¾C (if ambient temperature is 0¢Ë†Å¾C or lower) up to 550¢Ë†Å¾C.
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  • Digital LED temperature display is adjustable in 5¢Ë†Å¾C increments and blinks until set temperature is reached.
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  • Optional external temperature controller (Cat. No. 6795PR) truly controls temperature inside the vessel.
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  • Exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed from 60-1150 RPM for aqueous, viscous, or semi-solid solutions.
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  • Stronger, larger magnet improves stir bar coupling combined with automatic ramp up speed adjustment minimizes decoupling.
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