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X-TubeProcessor® Basic

The X-TubeProcessor® Basic uncaps and caps a variety of screw cap tubes and is the ideal system for users looking for a cost effective automated system for tube processing. The Basic System eliminates monotonous manual work, reduces potential repetitive motion disorders and creates time for other tasks. The BASIC functionality can be expanded by adding additional modules.

Brand: HTI Automation
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Filling and Closing Machines


Capping and Decapping of Screw Cap Tubes
The Basic model is set-up with the screw caps in a bulk feeder and the tubes are placed in their respective racks. The time-consuming manual positioning of the caps is no longer required. A tube turning gripper removes the cap from the cap feeder and then caps the tubes at the desired torque.

We offer configurations for screw cap tubes from a variety of different manufacturers such as Sarstedt, SSI, Starlab, etc… Please contact us for more information.

The Basic Unit Features:

Torque control
blank detection
Tube and Cap Presence Control
Labeling of tubes
Extend the X-TubeProcessor® Basic with an optional labeling module for the precise application of labels. User-friendly software is available for designing the label layout. The individual data can be supplied via the user interface on the system or via a database connection.

Sorting & Storage
In the X-TubeProcessor® Basic a rack with 96 tubes or alternatively 2 SBS racks with 48 tubes each can be processed as standard. To increase your walkaway time, the device can be extended with a conveyor infeed module. With the conveyor feed up to 6 racks can be processed without reloading.

Barcode Identification
Reliable traceability in the work process is available at all times with our equipment. Tube barcodes can be read and processed according to the stored requirements.

Stand-Alone Labeler
Based on the same housing concept, the Basic is also available as a stand-alone labeler with or without conveyor infeed module.

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