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X-TubeProcessor® Flex

Optimize your laboratory and production processes and reduce the workload on your lab staff. The X-TubeProcessor® Flex enables the integration of various automation modules for the processing of tube and liquid handling of screw cap tubes and vials. The FLEX system becomes an integral part of your daily laboratory operations. It can be connected to your LIMS and ERP systems and you can be informed about the current status of your process.

Brand: HTI Automation
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Filling and Closing Machines


Key Features
Serial or parallel processing
STERILE applications possible
Pipetting and Dispensing
Peristaltic and/or syringe pumps
Barcode Identification
Cap Feeder
Tube Feeder
Rack Feeder
Torque control
Requires compressed air
Up to 600 processed tubes/h

100 x 80 x 90 cm up to 200 x 80 x 100 cm (l x w x h)

Capping and Decapping of Screw Cap Tubes
The X-TubeProcessor® Flex automates the capping and decapping of screw cap tubes. We offer solutions for different tube brands and screw cap sizes and types. Fully automatic feeding of tubes and screw caps via a tube or cap feeder can be integrated into the overall process. The cap feeder can be optionally equipped with a color sensor. This sensor checks the color of the caps and sorts out the undesired caps.

Feeding, Sorting & Storage
In order to avoid the time-consuming pre-positioning into racks, the tubes can be fed as bulk material. The tube feeder can separate both screwed and open tubes and feed them to the system. Alternatively, the tubes can be placed in racks. The number of racks can be individually selected. The final storage of the tubes is carried out alternatively as bulk material or in your preferred racks. With the tube feeder as well as with the rack storage you can maximize the walk away times for increased productivity.

Dosing, Pipetting and Dispensing of Liquids
The tubes can be filled individually and sequentially with reagents. Peristaltic or/and syringe pumps are available depending on your application requirements. Syringe pumps are preferably used for pipetting/dispensing smaller volumes with high accuracy. The change of pipette tips is selectable. Peristaltic pumps are available for dispensing larger volumes. Optionally, the reagent outlet vessels can be temperature controlled.

Labeling of tubes
Extend the X-TubeProcessor® Flex with a labeling module for the precise application of labels. The label layout is designed using a user-friendly software program. The individual data can be fed via the user interface on the FLEX system or a database connection.

Barcode Identification
Reliable traceability in the work process is available at all times with our equipment. Barcodes can be read on racks and tubes and further processed according to the stored requirements.

Sterile Applications
We also offer tube handling solutions for sterile applications. The devices are equipped with special hoods, Hepa filters and laminar flow.

User Interface
The user-friendly and intuitive software runs on an external laptop or PC. Different criteria can be defined for the processing of the tubes and individual modules can be selected or deselected.

To start the system, you can select the process created in an overview or alternatively enter them directly on the user interface. A menu guides you through the input steps. The process can optionally be transmitted to the control software via an interface (SOAP TCP/IP protocol).

Messages, malfunctions or notifications can be sent to you e.g. as email. In this way you will be informed quickly and reliably about the processing events, even if you are not at the system.

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