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X-TubeProcessor® Smart

Replace ergonomically tiring and monotonous manual work with an automated system.

The X-TubeProcessor® Smart System combines the ability to automate liquid handling, capping and labeling of a variety of screw cap tubes. With a small and flexible table-top system, you can carry out a variety of processes individually or in any combination.

Brand: HTI Automation
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Filling and Closing Machines


Capping and Decapping of Screw Cap Tubes
The X-TubeProcessor® Smart System automates the capping and decapping of screw cap tubes. It is optimized for 0.5 … 2.0 ml Sarstedt Tubes. The screw caps are fed from a bulk hopper and the tubes are in racks. A tube turning gripper picks up the caps from a cap feeder and caps the tubes with a defined torque.

Dispensing of Liquids
An optional dispenser module utilizing a peristaltic pump enables precise, sequential filling of tubes with desired reagents. Typical dispensing volumes are in the range of 25ul to … 2,000 μl.

The Smart module also allows easy and quick cleaning.

Labeling of Tubes
Extend the X-TubeProcessor® Smart with a labeling module for precise label applications. User-friendly software is available for designing the label layout. The individual data can be supplied via the user interface on the device or via a database connection.

Sorting & Storage
The time of your employees is precious.

The Smart allows sufficient walkway time. Without further user intervention, up to 6 SBS Racks, each with 48 tubes can be placed into the X-TubeProcessor® Smart.

Barcode Identification
The reliable traceability of our products during the work process is available at any time. Barcodes can be read on racks and tubes and further processed according to the stored requirements.

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