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The processing of aseptic and toxic products in the pharmaceutical and, above all, the biotech industry places specific requirements on line construction—reduced risk potential for operators, optimized machine design, accessibility for easy machine operation and cleaning, and the shortest possible set-up times. Our answer to these requirements is INTEGRA: A Groninger and SKAN development, distinguished with the ACHEMA Innovation Award 2018.

The INTEGRA concept is based on the pharmaceutical approach. This means that the filling machine and isolator technology are understood as an integrated process solution right from the start. The result is a puristically designed line, which is characterized by the merging of previously separate functional units into a well thought-out overall concept, which takes the pharmaceutical vial processing to a new level

Brand: Groninger
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Filling and Closing Machines


Unique degree of user-friendliness
The extremely slim design of the INTEGRA enables optimal accessibility, both in the RAB and in the isolator version. The system is operated completely from one side. This opens up totally new possibilities in terms of space planning, reduces the need for operator personnel and allows all processes to be monitored visually.

Shortest set-up time for the entire line
Due to the one-sided operability of the line, the number of HEPA filters could be almost halved. A completely new approach was also selected to integrate the filters, which makes cleaning even easier. In connection with the innovative SKANFOG® decontamination system, the entire line can be decontaminated in just 30 minutes.

During the INTEGRA development, the company relied on the groninger QUICKCONNECT process solution–higher line automation and an innovative computer transport system enable a significant reduction in format parts compared to conventional line concepts. This innovative process solution enables set-up times to be reduced by up to 50 percent.

Highest machine efficiency
Thanks to the groninger SMARTFILL technology, product loss during start-up, in production and at the end of the batch, can be significantly reduced. This allows for an increase in efficiency of up to 15 percent.

Ideal for processing toxic products
With the INTEGRA, the sterile barrier for processing highly active products is located in the filling area of the line. This reduces the aseptically toxic area and makes cleaning easier when processing toxic products. The optimized isolator design ensures an improved air flow and reduces the hazard potential when processing toxic products.

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