Basque Engineering and Science | CXT 350/ 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

CXT 350/ 353 Benchtop Frozen Aliquotters

Preserve sample quality and streamline sample processing

The CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter is a semiautomated benchtop instrument for the frozen aliquotting of a wide range of sample types, including tissue, feces, serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, and other biofluids.

The instrument extracts multiple frozen cores or aliquots from a frozen sample. Parent sample and aliquots are maintained below -80°C throughout
the aliquotting process via LN2 chilling, eliminating freeze-thaw cycling.

Brand: Basque Engineering and Science
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Frozen Sample Aliquotter


Features & Benefits of the CXT 353

Flexible, customizable platform accommodates a wide range of sample types, tube sizes and sample volumes

Compact benchtop design

User-friendly touch screen operation

Compatibility with a wide range of vial types

Single-use probes prevent sample-to-sample carryover and contamination

Laser-targeting feature enables coring of specific tissue sections, streamlining tissue processing workflows

Applications: Bioanalysis, Microbiome, Molecular Pathology, Biobanking

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