Basque Engineering and Science | CXT 425 Frozen Aliquotter

CXT 425 Frozen Aliquotter

The destination plate contains a rack that can hold up to (4) individual micro well plates. If you want to deposit into tubes types other than the micro well plates, we can easily customize destination racks to fit your specific tube type need. The source sample fixture area can be adapted to fit your tube type or sample type from which you intend to core from. The 425 can hold up to 24 probes and is filled with liquid nitrogen (LN2) through the port hole and cools down to <-80°C. Programming and operation of the instrument runs the exact same way as the CXT 353 the only difference being that the coring head is not stationary, but can swivel around to reach a larger source sample area and destination area. This flexibility allows different size and types of tubes to be used.

Brand: Basque Engineering and Science
Categories: Laboratory and Pharma Automation, Frozen Sample Aliquotter


Features & Benefits of the CXT 425

Flexible, customizable platform accommodates a wide range of sample types, tube sizes and sample volumes

Compact benchtop design

User-friendly touch screen operation

Compatibility with a wide range of vial types

Single-use probes prevent sample-to-sample carryover and contamination

Laser-targeting feature enables coring of specific tissue sections, streamlining tissue processing workflows

Applications: Bioanalysis, Microbiome, Molecular Pathology, Biobanking

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