General Incubator (NB-201/ NB-201C/ NB201L)

It is useful to incubate or germinate for all kind of microbes, cells, bacteria and germs. Microprocessor controller set for temperature accuracy and reproducibility. Especially, NB-201C makes it possible to cultivate cells under ambient temperature by Peltier element.

Brand: NBiotek
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, General Incubators


Artificial intelligence system (NB-TAC SYS)

Temperature uniformity is maintained precisely even in the natural convection by intelligent adjustment equipment (NB-TAC SYS).

Microprocessor controller

Temperature accuracy and reproducibility are excellent by using

Microprocessor controller.

Safety switch

Safety switch is equipped to prevent overheating.

Inner glass door

Inner glass door allows the observation without opening the door.

Peltier (NB-201C)

Cooling system allows the experiment in lower temperature than
ambient temperature

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