Hybridisation Incubator (NB-202/ NB202R)

Designed to provide only Hybridization or with Rocking in one incubator. Fast Heat-Up and Precise Temperature Control helps efficient sample mixture, Hybridization, incubation.

Brand: NBiotek
Categories: General Lab Equipment, Incubator Shakers, General Incubators


Safety hybridization procedures

Stable and safe hybridization provides very efficient results.

Microprocessor control

Microprocessor control allows the precise control of temperature.

Stabilized rotation

Keep stable working and low noise by stable rotation.

Outer glass door

Outer glass door allows the observation without opening the door.

Safety switch

Safety switch is equipped to prevent overheating.

Easy-to-change bottle rack

Bottle rack can be replaced very easily to modify bottle holders.

Simultaneous use of rotator and rocker (NB-202R)

Users can rotate and rock the samples simultaneously.
Rocker is installable in incubator(cat.no NB-202R) like the photo.

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